Dashcam Video Shows Motorcycle Colliding With Discharged Foam Pad on I-94 in Woodbury, Minnesota

Dashcam Video Shows Motorcycle Colliding With Discharged Foam Pad on I-94 in Woodbury, Minnesota

WOODBURY, MINNESOTA – The incident occurred June 18 on I-94. Linda Leverty posted the video on Facebook Monday. “Motorcyclist suffered minor injuries. What a relief!” she wrote.

Dashcam video captured a motorcycle rider taking a terrifying tumble after hitting an unsecured load that fell from a boat being towed on Interstate 94 in Woodbury, Minnesota. The accident happened on June 18.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the 20-year-old motorcyclist from Hudson, Wis. was wearing a helmet and was transported to Regions Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Linda Leverty, who shared the video to YouTube and Facebook, wrote that she and her son stopped to help and noted the “motorcyclist suffered minor injuries.” A man claiming to be the motorcyclist in the video posted on YouTube that he had suffered road rash and “some bruises,” and had been unable to swerve out of the way because he had only been riding his motorcycle for two weeks.

State Patrol said the SUV did not stop at the scene and may have been unaware that they lost the item when the incident happened.

The unsecured load, which appears to be foam floating pad rolled up, was attached to the back of a boat being towed by the SUV.  It dropped to the pavement along I-94 near the Woodbury Lakes shopping center, between Woodbury Drive and Radio Drive.

According to the State Patrol, the SUV carrying the unsecured load has yet to be located.

Last month, Fox 9 shared the story of a Minnesota couple who were headed southbound on Highway 47 from Isle, when they passed a large truck heading north. The truck was towing a camper and a boat trailer, but the trailer was empty and a strap was flapping loosely in the wind. Just moments later, they found out why. They came upon an 18-foot boat lying across the road, as if it had washed up on shore.

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