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First Look of Captain Marvel as Brie Larson

First Look of Captain Marvel as Brie Larson

We won’t get to see Captain Marvel, the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, in theaters until March, but an exclusive Entertainment Weekly shoot gives us our first official glimpse of Brie Larson’s take on the superpowered character. Unofficial photos of the set previously revealed that unlike the comics, where Captain Marvel’s costume is red, blue and gold, Larson’s costume is

5 New Movie Trailers To Watch In The Past Week

5 Movie Trailers

Hey, the question is very simple. Have you already seen Deadpool 2? Because it is very interesting, and shows that Ryan Reynolds and Co. can still tell the same type of story again. Just this time, you are actually looking forward to something crazy and pleasant. If you are looking for other attractions, Book Club,