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Nicki Minaj donate $25K for ‘Cosby Show’ Star Geoffrey Owens

Nicki Minaj donate $25K for 'Cosby Show' Star Geoffrey Owens

Nicki Minaj announced her donation on “Queen Radio.” Whenever Nicki Minaj goes live for Queen Radio, you can bet that people will be tuning in. The artist regularly has something to say and boy, does she love to air out her drama on her radio show. Episode 7 is currently live and already, she’s announced her “cocksucker of the

VIDEO: Kylie Jenner ignored Nicki Minaj on MTV VMAs red carpet

Kylie Jenner ignored Nicki Minaj

Kylie Jenner did NOT want to come face-to-face with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs, ’cause she completely changed course on the red carpet to avoid her. Nicki was making her entrance at Radio City Music Hall Monday night, and Kylie was walking in her direction from the other end … when she stopped in her

Nicki Minaj is airing the Episode 4 of “Queen Radio”

Nicki Minaj Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj is airing the fourth episode of her new Beats 1 Radio show Queen Radio today at 12PM EST. While the initial episodes focused on Nicki’s fourth studio album Queen, Episode 3 found the rapper paying tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, and Episode 4 should have a unique concept as well. According to Nicki,

MTV VMAs 2018: Performance, Nominated and Seating Chart is Here

MTV VMAs 2018

The MTV Video Music Awards are just a day away. Before Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and other lights of the music world hit the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall for the 2018 VMAs, here’s a guide to the broadcast. We’ve come a long way since music videos first became popular enough to get their own