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Giants will spend the final game looking for the missing offense

Scoring continues to be up, up and away in the NFL, and the Giants continue to try, usually unsuccessfully, to keep up. The league has never seen anything like it. When the Giants take the field early Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium, there will have been a total of 8,502 points, 980 touchdowns and 625

The Giants’ $85 million person did not reach his contract

The Giants’ $85 million person did not reach his contract

The numbers do not add up. Olivier Vernon is the second-highest-paid player on the Giants, signing a five-year, $85 million contract in free agency in 2016 that guarantees him $52.5 million. He counts $17 million against the salary cap this season. And yet he has only one sack. True, Vernon missed the first five games

Eli Manning’s mistake makes the Giants coffin the last nail

PHILADELPHIA — The fire is out. The flickering flame of an Impossible Dream has been extinguished. There will be no Night of the Living Dead redux. Buried once and for all instead. No running the table. No Mara Christmas for the New York Football Giants. It was only a tease, a two-game tease from 1-7

It’s time to show Eli Manning the love he deserves, It’s too late

No matter how it ends for Eli Manning, no matter when it ends — whether it ends in him wearing No. 10 for the Giants or another number for another team — it will ultimately end for him in Canton. Bill Parcells was right when he told us Phil Simms would be appreciated more when

The giant soap opera seems to be ending its run

The psychology of results can be a powerful thing in sports, especially in football, where the number of games is limited and the impact can be immeasurable. The Giants have gone from a team in turmoil to a team finally settling in to play seven more games that can restore some respectability to their season.

The anti-Giants bet that’s winning 88% of the time

It’s widely understood the Giants have been awful on offense. Not much publicity has been given their consistently poor starts. Does this team even prepare for its opponents? Sharp bettors know the Giants are 1-7 straight up and against the spread in first halves this season. That means betting against the Giants at first-half lines

Odell Beckham somehow thinks the Giants can still enter playoffs

Odell Beckham somehow thinks the Giants can still enter playoffs

His comeback season has been prolific in some ways, disappointing in others and an abject failure in terms of wins and losses. In the eight games that remain, Odell Beckham Jr. sees no reason why he cannot be more dynamic than ever. “Honestly I feel I’m in the best shape of my life,’’ a relaxed

Report: Saquon Barkley has one word for this Giants disaster

Report: Saquon Barkley has one word for this Giants disaster

In his final two seasons at Penn State, Saquon Barkley lost a total of five games. Through his first seven NFL games, Barkley has seen the Giants lose six times. “It sucks,” Barkley said Thursday of the Giants’ season. “I’m not gonna lie to you. It sucks being 1-6 right now. Everybody in the locker

Eli Manning is headed for bench – it’s just a matter of when

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, and Manning is not going anywhere. But sentiment must be removed from the process. He threw for 399 yards with no interceptions and compiled a passer rating of 113.8 Monday night in Atlanta. Yet the Giants had six points through three quarters in a 23-20 loss. Manning has one year remaining on a contract that will count $23.2 million on the 2019 salary cap. It is far more likely this is his final year with the Giants than it is he will return and the Giants will absorb that salary-cap hit on a fading 38-year old. “You just have to see how everything unfolds,’’ Lauletta said. “We’re still gonna fight like hell to win the division, and Eli’s the quarterback for now. I’m gonna support him and help him. We’re still trying to win games, and coaches feel Eli’s the best quarterback and gives us the best chance to win, so until that clock hits zero he’s gonna be the guy.’’ Next up for Shurmur is to find the rookie practice reps with the starting offense, then determine the right time and place for him to make his debut. The Giants are headed for a high pick in the 2019 draft pick, and if Oregon’s Justin Herbert declares, he could be next in line. Until then, the Giants need to know what they have. The future is not Eli Manning.

The call has not yet been made for Kyle Lauletta to start warming up in the bullpen. But he should be getting loose. The record of 1-6 and the trades the past two days of cornerback Eli Apple and defensive tackle Damon “Snacks’’ Harrison are clear signs the Giants are looking beyond this miserable season and rebuilding for the