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Trump’s demand to end Florida’s recounting may cut military ballots

Trump's demand to end Florida's recounting may cut military ballots

President Trump’s demand that Florida election officials stop recounts and declare his favored candidates the winners could disenfranchise members of the US military serving overseas. Under Florida’s election laws, the Sunshine State accepts overseas and military ballots through Nov. 16 as long as they are postmarked by Nov. 6. But the president on Twitter insisted, without offering

President Trump is optimistic as poll predict “blue wave” in midterm elections

President Trump is optimistic as poll predict "blue wave" in midterm elections

The blue wave is going to hit with a vengeance in Tuesday’s midterm elections, according to pollsters who say Democrats should easily capture the 23 seats they need to regain control of the House. But an upbeat President Trump predicted victory in the Senate — where pollsters say the GOP has a good chance to

Twitter deleted more than 10K accounts and urged users not to vote

Twitter deleted more than 10K accounts and urged users not to vote

WASHINGTON — Twitter deleted more than 10,000 automated accounts posting messages that discouraged people from voting in Tuesday’s US election and wrongly appeared to be from Democrats after the party flagged the misleading tweets to the social media company. “We took action on relevant accounts and activity on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesman said in an

This is the mid-term competition watched this Tuesday

This is the mid-term competition watched this Tuesday

Voter sentiment, history and sheer numbers appear to favor Democrats’ bid to take back the House in Tuesday’s elections, but things are looking up for Republicans in Senate and governors’ races. The Dems have a 7-point edge in overall congressional races, with 50 percent of likely voters saying they want the party controlling Capitol Hill and 43

The lack of early voting in New York may affect the turnout rate

voting in New York

A long line of Marylanders wound around a high school gym. Two thousand eager Texans waited for doors to open in a scene that resembled Black Friday. And New Yorkers are cooling their heels. In this year’s hotly contested midterm elections, New York is one of only 13 states that forbids early-voting measures that could

Midterm elections can have strange results in decades

President Trump: Acts Or Threats Of Political Violence 'An Attack On Democracy Itself'

Next month’s midterm elections could shatter three decades of political precedent. Democrats look poised to retake the House, but Republicans appear likely to retain control of the Senate on Nov. 6. That would be the first time since 1982 that a midterm election wave ended with such divergent results. Political experts had to go that

Dean Heller proves resilient against ‘blue wave’ in Nevada

Dean Heller proves resilient against ‘blue wave’ in Nevada

LAS VEGAS — Dean Heller might survive a blue wave. The Nevadan is the only Republican senator running in a state Hillary Clinton carried in 2016, and defeating him is central to any Democratic hopes for winning control of the Senate or preventing Republicans from expanding their 51-49 majority. But Heller has narrowly led Democratic

President Trump: Democrats will ‘eat up’ Michael Bloomberg in primaries

WASHINGTON – President Trump said Tuesday he doubts he’ll face Michael Bloomberg in 2020 because Democrats “will eat him up” in the primaries if he becomes a presidential candidate. “I think the Democrats will eat him up,” Trump told the Fox Business Network. “You know you have a lot of people running. I’m hearing names