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First CT FLU Death of the Season Reported

State health officials confirmed the first flu-related death of the season for Connecticut. The state Department of Public Health reported the death on Friday. It said the patient was over the age of 65. So far this season, 22 people in Connecticut have been hospitalized for flu-related complications. The DPH said flu activity has slowly

North Dakota Man Denies Helping Kill Pregnant Woman

A man on trial in the death of a North Dakota woman whose baby was cut from her womb denied any role in her death, testifying Thursday that when he walked into his apartment and heard a baby cry, he thought his girlfriend had given birth. William Hoehn, 33, disputed testimony from his now ex-girlfriend,

WHO Study Finds Alcohol Responsible for Five Percent of Deaths Worldwide

WHO Study Finds Alcohol Responsible for Five Percent of Deaths Worldwide

Alcohol is responsible for over one in 20 of all deaths worldwide, according to the most recent edition of a World Health Organization (WHO) report that comes out every four years. The Guardian writes that the report found that roughly three million deaths in 2016 can be attributed to alcohol, of which 2.3 million were men and 29

New research find How to increase Brain size

Brain size

A Huge study from the Netherlands found that people who have eaten vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish have larger brains than their malnourished people. Dr. Meike Vernooij, a senior author of the study, said: “To adhere to the overall quality of a healthy diet can support brain health and may be a suitable preventive strategy