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NYC is drowning in ridiculous, expensive lawsuits

NYC is in a ridiculous, expensive lawsuit

New York City is being tort-ured. The Big Apple is drowning in so many frivolous lawsuits — over everything from food packaging and advertising to the design of retail Web sites — that the city’s court system has become one of the nation’s worst places for civil justice, a damning report out Tuesday reveals. The

Family blamed Amazon on man’s death for $6.5 million suit

Family blamed Amazon on man’s death for $6.5 million suit

The family of a former Amazon employee has hit the online retail giant with a $6.5 million wrongful death suit, claiming its failure to give him paid time off after a bad fall ultimately lead to his demise. Ronald Ashley, 53, began working as a manager of global human resources solutions at the company’s Seattle

Stormy Daniels claimed that Avenatti filed a Trump lawsuit “against her wishes”

Porn actress Stormy Daniels might ditch attorney Michael Avenatti, saying he hit President Trump with a defamation suit against her wishes. Daniels told the Daily Beast that Avenatti has not accounted for all of the funds he raised on her behalf and that the lawyer has not treated her with “the respect and deference an attorney should show

Trump must face lawsuit of his charitable foundation: judge

Donald Trump must face a lawsuit over his family foundation by the New York attorney general after the second judge this year refused to accept his argument that sitting presidents can’t be sued in state court. Trump had argued that the “Supremacy Clause” of the US constitution “immunized the President from being sued in state

Judge tosses German beauty queen’s STD suit against married hedge-fund boyfriend

Ostriches don’t fly — and neither did this one-time beauty queen’s lawsuit against her ex. A Manhattan judge nixed a “collateral attack” by former Miss Germany International Aline Marie Massel, who accused her married ex-lover of promising her a Ugandan ostrich farm, only to allegedly give her a sexually transmitted disease. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara

Lawsuit over knockoff watch can be served via WhatsApp, judge rules

Lawsuit over knockoff watch can be served via WhatsApp, judge rules

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a Queens judge has allowed a lawsuit over a knockoff luxury watch to be served through the messaging service WhatsApp. The landmark ruling comes after Vienna resident Ahmed Alzaabi purchased what he thought was a genuine 2011 men’s Patek Philippe Nautilus from a man named Janoton Timothy Jaskon through the popular

A Florida Man Is Suing Tesla for a Scary Autopilot Crash

A Florida Man Is Suing Tesla for a Scary Autopilot Crash

WHEN SHAWN HUDSON decided to buy a Tesla Model S last year, Autopilot was a key selling point. His commute was brutal—125 miles each way, nearly all of it on the highway—and he figured the semi-autonomous driving system would make his life easier. Over 98,000 miles of driving, he used it regularly, letting the computer keep the car in its

Elon Musk defends ‘Funding Secured’ tweet as he fights SEC lawsuit

It took Elon Musk just over 24 hours to fight back. The 47-year-old entrepreneur, accused by regulators of misleading investors in Tesla with an August tweet about taking the company private — thought he, indeed, had a verbal agreement with a deep-pocketed lender, according to a report Friday evening. Musk and the lender, the Saudi Arabia sovereign