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Drag racer killed in Brutal Crash in Queens

Drag racer killed in Brutal Crash in Queens

The drag racer killed in a horrific fiery crash early Sunday in Queens documented his final hours on social media. Engines rev and tires squeal as souped-up cars race through the streets of Sunnyside on Jesus Montenegro-Posada’s Instagram Story, documenting his last night of racing. The 35-year-old speed demon lost control of his Honda Civic on a

Brooklyn Car Crash Sparked Wild Kidnapping-for-ransom plot: Cops

A Brooklyn fender-bender sparked a bizarre kidnapping-for-ransom plot when a deliveryman’s van collided with a car — and two nearby thugs launched into a shakedown, police said Tuesday. “I was scared for my life — but you can’t show any emotion,” the 32-year-old van driver, who delivers medical supplies, told The Post on Tuesday. The

Report: Mac Miller free from DUI and hit-and-run charges

Mac Miller free

Mac Miller left prison on Thursday morning and did not want to talk about his DUI arrest – and apparently, did not want people to see his face. We got Mac leaving the offender at Van Nuys on Thursday morning, where a few hours earlier he was locked up for hitting a power pole and running