My #treeoflife For My Babies

My #treeoflife For My Babies

Gorgeous social media art of women breastfeeding is going viral.

The #normalizebreastfeeding and #normalisebreastfeeding hashtags on Instagram are being flooded with the beautiful images, as women celebrate and promote feeding their babies.

Mum of two, Brittany made images of her 21-month-old breastfeeding.

She told Kidspot she loved the idea of the tree of life being associated with breastfeeding.

“It kind of gives a reality to us mothers as being a source of growth to our babies, what better way to promote that then the tree of life?” she said.

"From the roots of my milk you have blossomed and grown." #sometimesbreastfeedinglookslikethis #treeoflife credit: @lin_cross

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Anyone can create an image by combining a picture of a tree or leaves, with an image of breastfeeding.

Instructions to create your own image can be found here.

Mum Stacey Metcalfe told Kidspot it was really easy to do.

“I saw a couple of my breastfeeding mumma friends do it and thought it looked really beautiful. It was surprisingly easy and only took a few minutes,” she said.

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