Man Snapped Rushing to Gatwick Airport Reveals Purpose of ‘Love Actually’ Mission

Man Snapped Rushing to Gatwick Airport Reveals Purpose of 'Love Actually' Mission

All epic love stories find themselves, at some point, at a terminus of some description.

Bus stations, train stations and airports are all perfect settings for heart-wrenching goodbyes, tearful reunions and, of course, overblown romantic gestures.

We all remember Sam from Love Actually somehow eluding the entirety of Heathrow’s security detail when, in reality, you STILL get pulled over for having liquids in your carry-on luggage.

That’s the beauty of films. They briefly delude us that sweeping, dramatic romance is possible.

So hats off to this man, who captured the imaginations of so many when he was spotted headed to Gatwick’s North Terminal armed only with a massive sprig of misteltoe on Christmas Eve.

Even the mystery man’s faraway, dreamy expression suggests something which would make Richard Curtis weep is about to happen.

After all, given it’s been a long and miserable year, it’s no surprise the twittersphere pinned all their hopes on to Mistletoe Man to end it on a high.

Sadly, Isobel soon lost Mistletoe Man in the crowds.

Just when it seemed as if life could really imitate art, the opportunity was snatched from us to find out.

What ever happened to Mistletoe Man?

To all the cynics out there, stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

While Mistletoe Man’s greeting his girlfriend did not involved trying to evade security forces, it was heartwarming and wonderful to see nonetheless.

His story even got celebrity supporter with TV and radio presenter Clare Balding who commented “yay!”

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