What does the Amazon and Apple deal mean to third-party sellers?

What does the Amazon and Apple deal mean to third-party sellers?

San Francisco — For the past eleven years, AceBeach has been selling hard-to-find electronics online. At one point, Apple products made up half of AceBeach’s business, but in recent years Apple has made it increasingly difficult for third-parties to sell used or new iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. A new deal between Apple and Amazon

Will flooding the desert help stop global warming?

Imagine flooding a desert half the size of the Sahara. Using 238 trillion gallons of desalinated ocean water to do the job. Creating millions of 1-acre-square micro-reservoirs to grow enough algae to gobble up all of Earth’s climate-changing carbon dioxide. For an encore: How about spreading the water and fertilizer (the dead algae) to grow

Big studies give mixed news on Fish oil and vitamin D

CHICAGO  — Fish oil, vitamin D, novel drugs, new cholesterol guidelines: News from an American Heart Association conference over the weekend reveals a lot about what works and what does not for preventing heart attacks and other problems. Dietary supplements missed the mark, but a prescription-strength fish oil showed promise. A drug not only helped

Lawsuit over knockoff watch can be served via WhatsApp, judge rules

Lawsuit over knockoff watch can be served via WhatsApp, judge rules

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a Queens judge has allowed a lawsuit over a knockoff luxury watch to be served through the messaging service WhatsApp. The landmark ruling comes after Vienna resident Ahmed Alzaabi purchased what he thought was a genuine 2011 men’s Patek Philippe Nautilus from a man named Janoton Timothy Jaskon through the popular

Non-existent bands become top rankings

Riot Games created a hologram K-Pop band made up of characters from its “League of Legends” game and had them perform live during the World Championships in Korea over the weekend. The single by K/DA, voiced by Madison Beer, Jaira Burns and (G)I-DLE members Akali and Miyeon, managed to rake in 13 million views in

What the federal government must do to reduce the deficit

What the federal government must do to reduce the deficit

Dear John: I wish ex-Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen had said she would lower spending rather than raise taxes. We have never been able to raise through taxes more than 18 percent of the Gross Domestic Product regardless of the tax rate. What cut similarly sized deficits after World War II was reduced spending. That

Protecting the financial security of US veterans

Dear John: I have a question that I hope you can answer. My late wife passed about 3 1/2 years ago from smoking for over 50 years. But that’s not the question. I am a retired firefighter from the Trenton, NJ, fire department. I also served in the Marines from 1951 to 1955, and I

Inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s star-studded Birthday Bash

Hollywood’s A-list came out to celebrate Leo DiCaprio‘s birthday at LA members club Spring Place on Friday night. Spotted at the new space were Jay Z and Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuck, “Godfather II” stars Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, Naomi Campbell, A-Rod and DiCaprio’s BFF Tobey Maguire. Reports said 500 guests attended

Celebrities address deadly wildfires during People’s Choice Awards

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names took a moment to address the California wildfires during the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night. “We are in a little bit of a state of emergency,” said actress Mila Kunis as she accepted the Comedy Movie of 2018 award for “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” “You know, I have this opportunity,

Michelle Obama adapts to life in the “the real world”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama may look carefree now, but she says adjusting to life after the White House was hardly smooth for her — or the family’s pooches. “Here I am in my new home, just me and [our dogs] Bo and Sunny, and I do a simple thing. I go downstairs and open

Autopsy found California bar shooter committed suicide

The troubled Marine Corps veteran who gunned down 12 people at a California bar ended the attack by taking his own life, officials have determined. Ian David Long, 28, died of a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, an autopsy shows, confirming what had been cops’ working theory since the nightmarish massacre. Dr. Christopher Young, the

The anti-Giants bet that’s winning 88% of the time

It’s widely understood the Giants have been awful on offense. Not much publicity has been given their consistently poor starts. Does this team even prepare for its opponents? Sharp bettors know the Giants are 1-7 straight up and against the spread in first halves this season. That means betting against the Giants at first-half lines

Wildfires in California may become the deadliest in state history

PARADISE, Calif. — As relatives desperately searched shelters for missing loved ones on Sunday, crews searching the smoking ruins of Paradise and outlying areas found six more bodies, raising the death toll to 29, matching the deadliest wildfire in California history. Wildfires continued to rage on both ends of the state, with gusty winds expected overnight which

Trump plans to stop providing disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico

Trump plans to stop providing disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump reportedly plans to stop financial aid to millions of Americans in Puerto Rico still dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. The president believes, without evidence, that the Puerto Rican government is using the disaster relief funds to pay off debt rather than help its citizens rebuild, according to Axios. The island

Samsung foldable phone can cost over $1,700

Samsung foldable phone can cost over $1,700

Less than a week since Samsung unveiled its “Infinity Flex” display for its upcoming bendy smartphone, a new report from South Korea claims to know the name, price and release date of the device. The Yonhap News Agency‘s industry sources suggest the phone will be dubbed the “Galaxy F” — a name that’s been floated about