Rihanna and Drake Reunite on Kids’s Party in Los Angeles, California

Rihanna and Drake Reunite on Kids's Party

Bumping into your ex is always uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful – even if a ball pit is involved.

Rihanna and Drake ended up in close quarters as they attended the same children’s birthday party in Los Angeles, California, over the weekend.

While the Too Good singers used to be inseparable – even when they were not dating – this time the kept their distance, a series of social media videos has revealed.

Fellow partygoer Gavin Morris original posted a series of Instagram Story videos of the one-time couple.

As fans started to go crazy, Morris made his Instagram private but there was no stopping the viral video from spreading.

In the video, the pair are seen hanging out in the same area but do not appear to interact.

Perhaps it was more of a case of children not being his thing, but a turtleneck-wearing Drake crouched in the corner as the party raged around him.

Rihanna meanwhile was having a blast with her BFF Melissa Ford and some of the children.

Rihanna helped at least one tot play in the ball pit all the while the 30-year-old Canadian crooner opted to stay away.

Rihanna and Drake have had an on again/off again relationship for years but have largely kept their love under wraps.

But last year at the August MTV Music Awards, Drake publicly decal red his love for the 29-year-old.

However, just two months later, it was over again with the rapper then cuddling up to Jennifer Lopez.

The rapper and Jennifer have also now gone their separate ways.

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