Idris Elba’s Fight Documentary on Becoming A Pro Kickboxer

Idris Elba's Fight Documentary on Becoming A Pro Kickboxer

“There’s no stunt doubles, there’s no special effects, there’s no second takes,” says Idris Elba in a hoarse voice. In the trailer for Idris Elba: Fighter, the tone is given straight away. This testosterone-fuelled preview clearly shows that the actor is definitely not here for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Announced several months ago, the series finally got a release date: it’ll start from January 17 on the Discovery channel.

The forty-four-year-old actor, famous for his role in Luther, is undoubtedly still in pretty good shape, and he proves it in the ring. Divided into three parts, Idris Elba: Fighter takes him all over the world so that he can prepare for a formidable final fight.

He’ll have to learn a lot of combat methods from different cultures if he wants to win. It’s an impressive training program that we, poor mortals who’ve been stuffing ourselves silly during the holidays, wouldn’t be able to even contemplate.

Idris Elba has recently regularly updated his Instagram account with a whole bunch of photos and videos showing his physical transformation toward becoming a kickboxing champion. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Australia, he talks with enthusiasm about his training for this series of documentaries:

“It is not fake, I might get hurt but ultimately I have trained for it and I like to fight.

I’ve busted my nose a couple of times but hopefully it doesn’t show. Keeping fit is important to me as part of my work and I always used to train back in the day as just a kickboxer before I was acting.”

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