Donald Trump Fires Back Over Snoop Dogg Shooting in Video

Donald Trump Fires Back Over Snoop Dogg Shooting in Video

On Wednesday, President Trump took to Twitter to blast Snoop Dogg for a reprehensible music video in which Snoop Dogg or Lion or Animal of Unspecified Species shoots a clown dressed as Donald Trump in the head with a toy gun.


Trump’s certainly right that anything remotely like this from the right side of the aisle about President Obama would have been met with unbridled rage from the media.

When a damn rodeo clown dressed as Obama and made a joke about Obama being “stomp[ed],” it became a national controversy for a week. The Republican Lieutenant Governor of Missouri intervened, as did the Senator from the state. Never mind that the rodeo clown had featured Bush and Clinton and Reagan masks in the past.

But the rodeo clown had never been to the White House.

Snoop Dogg has. He was there multiple times hanging with President Obama – and says he smoked pot at the White House. Snoop Dogg also has a criminal record including an arrest and trial for murder (he was acquitted thanks to the defense work of Johnny Cochrane).

It’s not true that if somebody had done the same pop gun routine Snoop Dogg did on Obama, he’d do jail time. But it is true that the media seem rather unconcerned with assassination chic so long as it’s directed against Republicans.

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