Brad Pitt ‘Serious Flirting’ With Sienna Miller

Brad Pitt 'Serious Flirting' With Sienna Miller

He has already been linked to one Hollywood blonde, now there are claims he has found another.

Brad Pitt was reportedly seen getting flirty with the star of his new film, Sienna Miller in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday, according to Page Six.

And as news broke on Monday, the 35-year-old actress headed out with a spring in her step in New York.

The soon-to-be divorced star and the blonde Brit attended the premiere of The Lost City Z separately but insiders claim at a dinner after the screening the pair got close.

Brad – whose company Plan B is behind the film – was doing some ‘serious flirting’ despite being surrounded in a group of about 25 people.

 A source told Page Six: ‘[They were] heavily enjoying each other’s company and ‘they were talking to each other all night.’

Brad, according to another insider, seemed to perk up after the interaction as he was ‘in very high spirits, which he hasn’t been for a long time. He seems to be over a hump’.

Another source close to Sienna downplayed the possible flirtation and said the pair were part of a larger group so there were a lot of conversations going on throughout the night.

Back when the movie was filming, Sienna was forced to deny that there was another going on with a then-very married Brad.

She called a suggestion they were flirting ‘insane’ on Sway In The Morning on SiriusXM’s Shade 45.

The star said: ‘The brilliant thing about that rumor is that yeah I haven’t really read too much about it.

‘So this is the truth about that, Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped but I didn’t see him, he’s not been to the set.

‘You know he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice – it’s insane.’

Since his split with wife Angelina Jolie last year, Brad has been linked to actress Kate Hudson.

Kate, however, has a new boyfriend and those close to Brad have denied any relationship between the two.

Angelina announced their separation in September after more than a decade together, sparking a custody battle over their six children.

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