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Missouri down to 1 abortion clinic amid legal battle

Missouri is down to one clinic providing abortions Wednesday, after the only other clinic in the state that performs the procedure failed to adhere to new state requirements and its license expired. The Columbia clinic’s abortion license expired Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Great Plains spokeswoman Emily Miller said. Federal appeals court judges also ruled last month

Avon fired executive after she revealed high-risk pregnancy: suit

Avon fired a female executive less than a month into her new job after she asked to work from home temporarily because of a high-risk pregnancy, according to a lawsuit. The door-to-door cosmetics giant — which boasts in its marketing about standing “above all, for women” — canned its new global head of procurement in

Guards, inmates ally against state in radon-exposure cases

Guards and inmates at a Connecticut prison find themselves same side of a legal fight against the state, which they say did not do enough to prevent their exposure to radon. A federal judge last month ruled against the state’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit by 13 inmates inside the Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown.

Why has Trump’s economy left senior citizens behind?

Dear John: If the economy is booming, why is nothing being done for seniors? This group, solidly behind the president, is still suffering from shrinking Social Security benefits and rising food prices. S.W. Dear S.W. You might be happy to know that Social Security’s Cost of Living Adjustment, announced on Thursday, will be 2.8 percent,

Reader is upset about warning on stock market bubble

Dear John: Aren’t you overdue for a stock market bubble update? Any advice for those you scared out of their shares 8,000 Dow points ago? I remind you that I am an independent advisor — no commissions or trading incentives here. When you insulted me (the last time) by assuming I must be an ethics-challenged

$100M cybersecurity center slated to open in Soho next year

What could be the magnet drawing all this technology-hungry cash into Manhattan? City officials point to the recent announcement earlier this month of a plan to convert two lower Manhattan buildings into a Global Cyber Center located in Soho and prominently backed by business networking company SOSA. Part of the center’s mission will be to

Market corrections aren’t fun, but they’re completely normal

Hello, and welcome to the market correction of October 2018. It’s scary, it stings, it’s just no fun at all. Corrections never are. They are not supposed to be. I’m calling it a correction because even though the indexes may not be off 20 percent, many high-flying stocks are. Friday’s trading showed the wrestling between

Fatal police shootings 40% more likely in states with higher gun ownership

The U.S. Constitution’s second amendment gives us the “right to bear arms,” but what if having a gun for protection is actually putting you more at risk of harm? A new study finds that a person’s chances of being involved in a fatal police shooting is higher in states with the highest rates of gun

WATCH: Respiratory virus with potential to lead to rare disease raises concerns

Transcript for Respiratory virus with potential to lead to rare disease raises concerns children. There have been dozens of cases of afm or acute flaccid myelitis in at least 16 different states. The New York state department of health is warning parents to watch out for a respiratory illness that could lead to that require

WATCH: Selena Gomez reportedly seeking mental health treatment

Now Playing: Selena Gomez opens up about down-sizing her life in ‘Elle’ magazine Now Playing: ‘The View’ has a candid conversation about mental health Now Playing: Selena Gomez reportedly seeking mental health treatment Now Playing: Respiratory virus with potential to lead to rare disease raises concerns Now Playing: Surviving Michael and the devastation left behind

Battles over safe Ebola burials complicate work in Congo

A runaway hearse carrying an Ebola victim has become the latest example of sometimes violent community resistance that complicates efforts to contain a Congo outbreak, causing a worrying new rise in cases. The deadly virus’ appearance for the first time in the far northeast has sparked fear. Suspected contacts of infected people have tried to

My son was finally diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, now I need more answers

Editor’s Note: This essay is a firsthand account written by Amber Allen, the mother of Cooper. It was Aug. 7, and we were about to leave for our last family trip of the summer. As my husband and I finished packing up the car for a family trip, our 13-year-old son Cooper complained of a

Feds crack down on e-cigarettes amid ‘epidemic’ of teen use

The feds are stepping up an industrywide crackdown on e-cigarettes, concerned over what they have called an “epidemic” of young nicotine addicts. The Food and Drug Administration has sent letters to 21 manufacturers, demanding proof that they legally introduced their vaping devices. The letters, mailed on Friday, target e-cigarettes introduced after Aug. 8, 2016, noting

Elon Musk might be getting into the tequila business

Elon Musk is going from cracking pot jokes to selling tequila. The eccentric Tesla CEO — who is in the midst of settling fraud charges with the SEC that almost cost him control of the electric-car maker — appears to be getting into the liquor business. On Friday, Musk teased the impending release of “Teslaquila.”

HR exec who worked under Moonves gets $6M payout from CBS

CBS’ top HR exec under former CEO Les Moonves is getting a princely $6.1 million payout, according to an SEC filing Friday. Anthony Ambrosio, the chief human resources and chief administrative officer, who began his career at CBS in 1985, was handed his walking papers earlier this week under interim CEO Joseph Ianniello. In addition