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Jack Osbourne and Lisa confirm divorce

Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa

The Blast said that Jack Osbourne’s wife, Lisa Osbourne, filed a divorce on Friday. The couple got married in 2012 and shared three daughters. In February, Jack and Lisa welcomed their youngest son, Minios Dora Osbourne. They are also parents of 5-year-old Pearl Clementine and 2-year-old Andy Rose. Jack later published his statement with Lisa

See Moon and Venus with 6 degrees separation tonight!


So far you have almost certainly noticed that soon after sunset, bright stars will be seen in the west-northwest sky. And tonight (May 17th), this splendid world will have a company, and in just two and a half days after the new stage, it will have a slender (8.5% illuminated) crescent moon to share with

Report: Mac Miller free from DUI and hit-and-run charges

Mac Miller free

Mac Miller left prison on Thursday morning and did not want to talk about his DUI arrest – and apparently, did not want people to see his face. We got Mac leaving the offender at Van Nuys on Thursday morning, where a few hours earlier he was locked up for hitting a power pole and running

Stunning Picture of Earth and Moon by CubeSats

Earth and Moon by CubeSats

On May 5, NASA’s two Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSats were launched on the agency’s InSight lander on May 5th to the Red Planet and a photo was taken on May 9th to help confirm Its high gain antenna is properly deployed. The antenna is in the photo. The same is true of the Moon