Energy Saving Lamps Provoke Terrible Disease!

Energy Saving Lamps Provoke Terrible Disease!

A large-scale publicly funded advertising campaign conducted in Israel encourages people to switch from ordinary incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps.

As part of this campaign, the consumer is invited to purchase three energy-saving light bulbs for just 20 shekels. “These lamps not only help save buyers’ money, but also significantly reduce electricity consumption,” said infrastructure minister Uzi Landau.

However, testing of the 10th ITV channel showed that these lamps are not too good for health. “This is a real national scandal,” says Professor Haim Avraam, head of the department of natural resources management at the Haifa University.

According to him, the waves emanating from these lamps increase the risk of developing breast cancer and prostate cancer, especially if used at night. According to the professor, the bright light of fluorescent lamps, designed to imitate daylight, disrupts the production of the hormone melatonin to a greater extent than ordinary light bulbs emitting yellowish light.

Meanwhile, it is believed that melatonin protects against breast and prostate cancer. Professor Abraham urges to abandon the full transition to halogen, fluorescent and LED lamps.

The same opinion is shared by German scientists. They concluded that energy-saving lamps should not be left on too long or placed close to a person’s head, as they emit toxic substances. It is better not to use them for reading and certainly should not be left at the head of the crib on all night.

Edward Griffin

I am former Silicon Valley Technology executive and Washington, DC area entrepreneur, and holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Information Systems. Griffin has additional training in Law, History, and Nutrition has been a professional trainer, speaker, writer, and musician.

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