Optimism or Pessimism Laid From Birth


Optimism or Pessimism Laid From Birth

From the moment of birth, the human brain is programmed to have a positive or negative perception of reality. How we perceive the world depends on the level of molecules (neuropeptides), according to American researchers from the University of Michigan.

Scientists have studied the activity of the brain of volunteers using tomography. As a result, people with low levels of molecules reacted more acutely to negative words, such as “killer”, than those with higher levels of molecules.

During the second experiment, people were injected with saline in the jaw muscle, which causes mild pain. Again, volunteers with low levels of neuropeptides reacted more emotionally and were negatively disposed.

The experts concluded that the link between the level of molecules and mental disorders is obvious. People with a low content of neuropeptides are more depressed than those whose brain contains more of this substance. If these substances are not enough, the person is set on negative, and it is more difficult for him to cope with stress.