Organizers of The “Freedom March” Want A Square in The Center of Moscow

Organizers of The “Freedom March” Want A Square in The Center of Moscow

The organizers of the opposition rally in Moscow, scheduled for July 15, the Freedom August, suggested the Moscow mayor’s office discuss new options for its route.

At the same time, they declare their readiness to hold an unauthorized action.

“It is important for us that the August ends at one of the three central squares – Lubyanka, Manezhnaya or Revolution Square,” Sergei Davidis, a member of the Coordination Council, explained to the Russian Service Bi-bi-si.

In their application, the opposition also indicated that the length of the procession route must be at least 4 kilometers.

The March of Freedom August, scheduled for July 15, is timed to the first anniversary of mass protests that began in Russia after the elections to the State Duma on July 4, 2019. Estimated number of participants – 50 thousand people.

Edward Griffin

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