University Study Shows That Racists Prefer White Meat

University Study Shows That Racists Prefer White Meat

Do you prefer turkey breast to the legs or thighs? If so, you might be a racist, according to a new study put together by Taylor-Hayes University in Colorado. The study was part of a decade-long, controlled survey by researchers at the school.

Originally, the data collected was meant to get insight into the Thanksgiving eat habits of Americans in different regions of the country. However, over the course of the study, it became clear that they stumbled upon a much deeper and darker secret of Thanksgiving.

According to results published in the university journal, racists are ten times as likely to prefer white meat from a turkey than dark meat, often times refusing dark meat entirely.

Some scientists have been quick to put out that this is only one study, and that the survey methods need to be examined and the results repeated before being accepted as a proper study.

Interestingly enough, those scientists were participants in the original study, and it is suspected that perhaps their survey results indicated a preference for white meat.

So, what does this mean for you? If you prefer white turkey meat, does that automatically make you a racist? Probably, according to the head scientist in charge of the study.

She indicated that their study shows that there is a clear correlation between the way individuals view skin color and their eating habits. Maybe give a turkey leg a second chance this year…

Edward Griffin

I am former Silicon Valley Technology executive and Washington, DC area entrepreneur, and holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Information Systems. Griffin has additional training in Law, History, and Nutrition has been a professional trainer, speaker, writer, and musician.

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