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The Mysteries and Secrets of The Moon Are Open

The Mysteries and Secrets of The Moon Are Open

People have been staring at the moon for centuries, in its mysterious brilliance, wondering its origin, dreaming of conquering. And here came the era of mankind when people’s dreams began to come true. Two cosmic powers of the USSR and the USA began to conquer the moon.

They circled her, took a picture of the invisible side, delivered samples of the lunar soil to the ground. The United States first landed people on the surface of the moon. Both powers began to develop incredible plans: lunar settlements, creating launch sites for launching rockets into deep space, preparing scientific equipment, preparing specialists, investing huge amounts of money …

And suddenly everything was unexpectedly minimized. Unclaimed manufactured rockets, moon rovers, and scientific equipment remained on the ground. But why so suddenly all the projects were frozen? What really made humanity abandon the conquest of the moon?

In August 1945, at the Potsdam Conference, Stalin made a shocking statement that introduces other participants to a state of temporary shock. He proposes dividing the moon, and not only dividing but signing an agreement, taking into account the USSR’s undoubted priority for the moon .. Stalin also directly told US President Truman that the Soviet Union had enough strength and technical capabilities to prove priority to the moon in a significant way.

Then the Americans did not attach much importance and decided that Stalin was bluffing, but after half a year a decision was issued by the leadership of the Soviet Union on the creation of several scientific institutions that should be directly involved with the moon. Then the space race of the two powers was launched.

A year after the Potsdam Conference, in 1946, the leadership of the United States announced the main task for the country, the first to launch an artificial satellite of the earth.

But Stalin had much more serious plans in his plans; he plans to create a military bridgehead of the Soviet Union on the moon. According to his plan, the moon is an ideal platform for storing and launching nuclear missiles in the event of a military threat. On the lunar surface were located command posts, stocks of atomic bombs and military bunkers.

While in the USSR they were refining and restoring the missile launch complex, the Americans managed to land successfully on the moon several times. By the beginning of 1973, 12 astronauts were able to visit the moon, they spent a total of more than 80 hours on the lunar surface and delivered 400 kg of rock and the earth’s soil to Earth.

However, there is an opinion that the Americans did not land on the moon at all, but instead of real cinema and photo shootings they presented the world with fakes of pavilion origin. But that’s another story.

The fact that mysterious things are happening on the moon, people have known for a long time. By the middle of the 20th century, astronomers have accumulated a lot of amazing and mysterious and not entirely explicable observations.

An unusual detail was investigated stereoscopically, it turned out that its depth is several tens of meters. There are no craters in it, which means that the failure appeared much later than the sea of ​​frozen lava around it.

They are very convenient for placing lunar bases in them. A thick layer of rock can reliably protect the settlers from radiation and meteorite bombardment. Temperature changes there will also not be felt as much as on the surface of the moon.

Also on the surface of the moon were discovered strange blocks, of exact rectangular shape. One of the Apollo 16 astronauts, Charles Duke, reported to Earth: – “The bottom of the crater is ninety percent lined with blocks up to five meters in diameter, they stretch up the shaft in two directions.”

After a year and a half, the crew of Apollo 17 also found mysterious traces, similar to the fact that they were left by bulky objects. In the vicinity of the camp, astronauts counted 34 tracks, ranging in length from 100 to 2.5 kilometers. Sometimes huge boulders were found at the end of the rut, but in most cases they were not.

Something similar to the machines saw Apollo 16 astronauts who directly reported that some mechanisms were seen on the slope of the lunar mountain. They sent a television camera there and answered in the center of the flights: “well we see two objects, continue the broadcast”.

Of course, it would be naive to assume that after such open statements the secrecy was over and everything was revealed. As in Russia and the United States, such photographs and even with official commentaries on them in the wide press will never be found. Get them in the archives is also not very easy, especially large-scale images.

American scientists and researchers who were familiar with the original images did not once encounter such problems of falsifying images. In such falsifications, NASA workers also admitted: “We have an order to remove everything that may cause undesirable questions from photographs before their publication.”

Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong, ten years after the flight, added in one of his private conversations: “I cannot widow to details, let me just say that their ships are far superior to ours in size and technology, we have been made to understand that the place is occupied.”