Lack of Sleep Provokes Terrible Diseases

Lack of Sleep Provokes Terrible Diseases

Lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These are the results of a new study that was conducted by physicians at the Brigham Hospital in Boston.

20 healthy people were invited to participate in the study, and for the duration of the experiment, which took three weeks, they were placed in a laboratory. Participants slept less than 6 hours a day, and went to bed later than they used to. Thus, physicians artificially created for them a 28-hour day.

The results of the experiment showed that the regulation of the blood sugar level of the participants is so disturbed that in the future, if we transfer the experiment to real life and turn these “three weeks” into a lifestyle, the development of diabetes is not excluded.

Doctors at the Boston Hospital reported that the level of glucose in some subjects had risen to the pre-diabetic level. Also during the study, scientists performed a blood test of the participants, measuring the level of a number of hormones, including insulin, cortisol (stress hormone), leptin and ghrelin (associated with appetite regulation). They found that disturbing sleep patterns led to a 32 percent reduction in the amount of insulin produced in the body after a meal. And insulin is a key hormone in regulating blood sugar levels.

“Reducing insulin levels is one explanation for how sleep disorders can lead to diabetes,” said Lisa Rafalson, a professor of pediatrics and family medicine at the University of Buffalo. – Chronic sleep deprivation leads to hormonal imbalance, insulin can not do its job effectively, so you end up getting the excess glucose that remains in the blood. ”

The new data cast doubt on another idea – that the risk of developing diabetes Increases excessive appetite, which is manifested due to the lack of a normal amount of sleep. ziruet that person already full.

Edward Griffin

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