Did You Know Your Social Networks Can Help You Make Money?

Did You Know Your Social Networks Can Help You Make Money

You’ve got stuff to sell. Whether you’re moving, upgrading or just want to get rid of things you don’t use, you need to get rid of it fast. Sure, there’s a bunch of buy and sell apps that all offer the same thing: Bland, boring, and repetitive ads that make it hard to stand out.

But you’re unique. You want your stuff to stand out, so you need an app that works. Let Zupamart help sell your stuff quickly and easily. Listing your items is free and takes only a minute. And the best part? With one click you can share your item across your favorite social networks.

What makes Zupamart different from other buy-and-sell apps is simple: You don’t have to wait around for buyers to find your items. You build your own network. Because Zupamart is a network marketplace, the more people you connect with, the faster your stuff sells.

And it couldn’t be easier.

Create your network to make more money in less time

To add a partner to your network simple click +Add on user profile and wait for your invitation to be accepted. Once the invitation is accepted, you’re partners and all your listings will appear on partners’ Stream.

So, what’s the benefit of having your network? You see all the posts from your network partners, and they see yours. When you post a new item, your partners will receive notification, and you’ll receive one when they post. You’ll never have to worry if your new listing is seen.

What if your friends aren’t on Zupamart yet?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to unfriend them! You can add them to your Zupamart network with few clicks. From your profile page in Zupamart App, you can easily invite contacts from your phone or social networks. Once your contacts sign up, +Add them to your network and let the selling begin!

Top sellers on Zupamart average 20 partners in their network, so don’t be shy about adding friends, family and social media contacts. Expand your partner network and see just how fast and easy it is to start making money.

Building a network builds trust between buyers and sellers

Trust is important. You need to feel secure when buying and selling online. But using a regular buy-and-sell app is risky. When dealing with people you don’t know, it’s normal to worry about payments, item delivery and the legitimacy of the person you’re in contact with.

Using Zupamart’s network ensures you can buy and sell with absolute confidence. You won’t worry about the risk because you’re dealing with people you know. Since you can view items of the people your network contacts are partnered with, your friends can give references before you buy!

The trust and assurance you get from buying and selling between friends and people you know is invaluable.

You know how to do it, so you’ve got no excuse

Being part of a network not only helps you sell fast, it also lets you be the first to find great bargains. You’ll always see the items your partners post first, so you never have to worry about missing out. And since your partner networks on Zupamart contribute to building trust between buyers and sellers, you will always buy and sell with confidence.

Why wait? Download Zupamart App from Google Play or App Store and start making money today!

Edward Griffin

I am former Silicon Valley Technology executive and Washington, DC area entrepreneur, and holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Information Systems. Griffin has additional training in Law, History, and Nutrition has been a professional trainer, speaker, writer, and musician. Edward@fgtnews.com

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