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Cats Spread Schizophrenia – Scientists

Cats Spread Schizophrenia - Scientists

We are talking about toxoplasma that lives in the intestines of cats. Previously it was known that Toxoplasma suppresses the human immune system, and is a particular threat to pregnant women.

However, the parasite behaves even more strangely. You can become infected, even without having a cat at home, the scientist believes.

Cat feces can get into the water or soil, where the parasite lives for some time, and then it can manifest itself in the body of rodents or cattle, from which, through poorly roasted meat, the infection is transmitted to humans.

According to J.Flegra, Toxoplasma is found in the body of 55% of French, 22% of Americans and 10-20% of British people, and this explains the senseless behavior of many people.

Getting into the brain, the parasite disrupts the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, mechanisms of perception and behavior, which are symptoms of schizophrenia.