TechBytes: Apple OS X Versions of Assad

TechBytes Apple OS X Versions of Assad

TechBytes a day, and another great day for Apple. In the wake of the strength of earnings report, the company today releases the Macintosh operating the new system.

OS X Lion brings some of the features of the iPhone, and requests the company to the Mac. It will also mark the first time that Apple released operating system update in the first place through downloads.

Talking about Apple, and some members of its board of directors said in the search, which may succeed Steve Jobs as CEO.

Have been jobs in the medical leave since January, although he appeared in the Apple event in March. When called to the Wall Street Journal, Jobs via e-mail about the discussions, including “nonsense.”

Google + looks to Hollywood It seems as if Google + and hopes to become a favourite social networking in Hollywood.

The company is looking for ways to register for the celebrity of its new service, while maintaining the personal. Twitter already has a system to authenticate the accounts of celebrities. Facebook is not.

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