Fireballs in The Sky Shaked Astronomers

Fireballs in The Sky Shaked Astronomers

The February fireballs in the sky puzzled this year NASA experts and their fellow astronomers in the United States. These balls penetrate the atmosphere over North America “unusually slow and deep.” Fans of reasoning and guessing over the mysterious essence of being and the “inevitable” end of the world in the current year, as the ancient Maya predicted, scientists provide living and well-made information for reflection.

So, in the sky over North America, as it turns out, in the past four weeks there has been a very unusual, though not very mysterious, phenomenon, informs the site of the popular science television channel Discovery.

Not very mysterious – for the reason that a similar phenomenon was observed in previous decades – from the 60-70s of the last century. We are talking about the so-called February “balls of fire” over the United States. But this time, astronomers noticed in the phenomenon of striking unusualness.

And this fact puzzled specialists in both the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA-NASA) and their fellow astronomers in the United States. The thing is that this February these “balls of fire” penetrate into the atmosphere over North America “unusually slowly and deeply.”

In general, American astronomers are not so much puzzled by the number of meteorites bursting into the Earth’s atmosphere, whose brightness exceeds Venus’s luminescence — their numbers remain within the normal range — as much as their appearance and flight path. These “balls of fire” demonstrate their inherent slowness and penetration depth, according to Peter Brown, meteorites expert, Professor of Physics from the University of Western Ontario.

These celestial bodies, according to the evidence of the scientist and his colleagues, break into the atmosphere of our planet at a speed of 15 km / s (54 thousand km / h), rapidly lose speed and cease to exist at a distance of about 50 km from the Earth’s surface.

The current phenomenon of “fireballs” to the United States started on February 1, when a meteorite lit up the sky over the state of Texas, having arranged a show of unprecedented length and brightness. The fireball crossed the sky over Texas in 8 seconds! As the ball slowed down at the final point of the trajectory of movement, according to eyewitnesses, it exploded like a firecracker, squib or artillery shell, having scattered into many pieces, then flickered several times, slowly burned and finally subsided.

Texas Fireball gave brightness no less than the full moon. His appearance was spotted by NASA camcorders in the state of New Mexico. As shown by the calculations of specialists of management, this space object could be approximately 1-2 meters wide.

Meanwhile, in February, the meteorites all fall and fall – space bodies of the size from a baseball ball to a passenger bus, which invaded the Earth’s atmosphere and fell somewhere in the United States, were recorded from half a dozen. And all the “fireballs” moved extremely slowly and exploded deep in the earth’s atmosphere.

As the calculations of astronomers show, all these space aliens arrived to our planet from the so-called extensive “asteroid belt”, and not from one of some places in this belt. And this fact also puzzles scientists – it is strange to them that meteorites come from more than one source.

In general, the February “fireballs” set charades and riddles to scientists for decades. The incidence of such “fireballs” falling by February in the United States was noticed in the 60-70s of the last century.

In order to try to resolve the “mystic” of February, astronomers from NASA are planning to expand the network of video surveillance over the sky over North America. At the same time, scientists advise Americans in the countryside to be on their guard: as soon as a dog barks, it’s worth it, they say, and go out into the yard.

It is possible, you can see the “fireball”, especially since the February days are quickly expiring. By the way, in February 2009, residents of the US states of Texas and Kentucky watched a fiery rain, falling from the sky in broad daylight. Experts attributed the emergence of unusual “precipitation” with the collision of Russian and American satellites.

Reports of observing a large number of fireballs falling from the sky came from observers from different parts of the central part of Texas. Similar phenomena were observed in Kentucky. Explosion-like sounds, vibrations caused by them, fireballs and lightning-like flashes observed in this state also attributed to the invasion of satellite fragments into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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