Look For Police Assistance Apple iPhone is Missing

Look For Police Assistance Apple iPhone is Missing

The San Francisco Apple helped police in the search for a prototype of the latest iPhone, which is losing its way in a bar in a repeat of an embarrassing loss that occurred last year.

After the employee has to be released Apple iPhone 5 in the tequila bar in the Mission District in San Francisco in July, and technology news site CNET reported this week.

Police in San Francisco after he was tracked electronically using the GPS technology to the home of San Francisco, and four police officers and two employees of Apple visited the house, in a statement distributed to news agencies.

“He called on the staff of the police station mission Apple directly, and wants to help in tracking down the missing element,” stated the press release. “The two Apple staff met with residents and then went to the house to search for the missing,” said he. “The staff of Apple can not find the missing and left the house.”

The statement did not specify the item being searched for, but carried the title of the document tantalizing hint: iPhone5.doc. Said Sergio Calderon (22 years) residents of a home, SF Weekly that he had visited a bar where it is stated on the phone but he did not have the device. He said the search of his house and took place in July.

Started in Cupertino, California-based Apple iPhone 4 sale last year and is expected to unveil its latest model, the iPhone 5, in September or October. The speech came another form von stands disappear in a bar just weeks after prosecutors decided not to pursue criminal charges against bloggers technology Gizmodo who got hold of a prototype iPhone 4 lost last year.

Gizmodo published photographs and details of the form after the iPhone purchase for $ 5000 from a man who claimed that he had found in the beer garden, where it lost by a software engineer Apple.

Has been to bring criminal charges against the man who was allegedly found on a prototype iPhone 4 and another who brokered the deal to sell it for Gizmodo.

The husband admitted that he is not guilty of the charges on Thursday in a misdemeanor court in San Mateo County Superior.

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