Eat and Lose Weight : List of Fat Burning Products

Eat and Lose Weight List of Fat Burning Products

What to eat to lose weight? Many of us ask this question before opening the refrigerator door. So that every time it is painful not to look for an answer to it, we have compiled for you a list of fat-burning foods. Print it, hang it on the fridge and eat for your health!

By the way, such food is not only not getting better, but it is also dropping too much – the body spends more energy to digest these products than they contain. Eating and losing weight – is this not a dream? However, it is necessary to use “fat burners” wisely and in no case sit on the mono-diet. Before all sorts of experiments on yourself, please consult your doctor!

Utility. Essential oils and organic acids of this fruit promote good digestion and clean from toxins. The effect of grapefruit is also based on the fact that it reduces the level of insulin in the blood, which in turn reduces appetite.

As it is. This is a very nourishing fruit, which is quite possible to replace a full-time snack! If you eat one grapefruit daily, the weight will gradually go away. Eat half of the fruit before breakfast, lunch and dinner – the effect is not long to wait.

Alternative. Another grapefruit, pomelo, as well as oranges and tangerines, has a similar effect. Citrus strengthens the immune system and removes toxins. Therefore, from time to time you can arrange fasting days “on oranges” – just eat 1.5 kg of fruits per day, dividing them into 5-6 servings. Pineapple

Alternative. Replace pineapple as a fat burner capable of papaya. It is rich in enzymes that help break down fats, and papain contained in it helps the body extract maximum nutrients from food. Instead of pineapple, you can also eat kiwi – there are many enzymes that help burn fat.

Utility. It is an indispensable product for those who are obese. Celery improves metabolism and is considered one of the best dietary products. It is low-calorie and contains a lot of fiber, which means it satisfies hunger without unnecessary consequences for the figure.

Celery and other similar vegetables fill the stomach, bringing a minimum of calories, well satisfy hunger, while the body is in the process of burning fat. Thus, the intestine continues to work perfectly even during a strict diet, because it has to digest a lot of food.

As it is. Any zucchini, including the “Russian” light green color familiar to us, as well as their striped Italian zucchini brother, have a dietary effect. It is best to eat young zucchini with delicate seeds and preferably fresh or baked.

Way to use. Bran can be added to various homemade dishes (or buy bread with bran) or eat it in its pure form – steamed (1 tsp 3 times a day). Per day is recommended to eat no more than 30 grams of bran. However, bran is often contraindicated in people with stomach diseases, because they require mechanically sparing food.

I would caution lovers of quick and easy weight loss from overuse of any one foodstuff, even if it is an excellent “fat burner”. There are some pineapples and hope to lose weight without harm to their health – a frivolous strategy, fraught with health problems. But moderately adding healthy foods to your diet will in most cases have a good effect.

So you improve your digestion, enrich the body with vitamins, raise vitality and, quite possibly, lose weight! A varied, balanced diet – this is your assistant on the way to a slim figure. And of course, consultation of a professional nutritionist or your general practitioner will not hurt, since certain foods are contraindicated for various diseases.

Edward Griffin

I am former Silicon Valley Technology executive and Washington, DC area entrepreneur, and holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Information Systems. Griffin has additional training in Law, History, and Nutrition has been a professional trainer, speaker, writer, and musician.

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