Cricket Form of The Face of Lack of Experience, says Haddin

Cricket Form of The Face of Lack of Experience, says Haddin

Problems prompted the recent beating Australia, which included all 47 against South Africa in Cape Town, and twisting to inspect the dismal test against New Zealand, Hobart, and employers to hold a camp before the first test against India on Monday.

He was held in the camp for three days this week at the Melbourne Cricket Ground under the supervision of coach Mickey Arthur and Haddin was the theme on the exchange of information in mind Tournament.

“Edit your head, and the lack of other ideas in your head, but just play cricket,” he told reporters on Sunday Haddin. “You will see during the next five days if the payment of all off.

“I think we’re in an area very well. We have had a week to prepare, and we can not be more prepared and more looking forward to the game.”

Australia’s top three batsmen, newcomer Ed Cowan, and David Warner (two tests), Shaun Marsh (three tests), they have little experience but Haddin does not consider the issue.

And scored all three left-handed tennis extends from the end of Haddin and accordingly will put them in a good position when the first of four tests begin on Monday.

“I think it’s important that we all stand,” said the age of 34 years. “After we have a series against New Zealand and we very much look forward to it.

“You talk about a summit of the three we experience, and I think we’ve got to figure in the very first three places, which is good, and if we’re going to do any good in this series it will be 1-7 with the bat.

“We’ve got all done. We have to make sure we have got to the heads of our game and ready to go.”

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