Boris Becker fesses up to lust child

Boris Becker fesses up to lust child

Retired German tennis great Boris Becker emerged from deep denial last week and admitted he’s the father of a baby girl born last year to Russian model Angela Ermakova. The child was conceived during a quickie in the broom closet of Nobu, a fashionable restaurant at London’s Metropolitan Hotel in Park Lane, Mayfair. Becker’s initial denial of the charges was followed by a bizarre tale published in a number of European tabloids that had the three-time Wimbledon champion accusing the Russian mafia of stealing his sperm and using Ermakova to carry out a seven-figure blackmail scheme.

Becker first learned about the baby last March, when he received a fax from Ermakova announcing the birth. The tennis star’s response was to rush the net. He brought in lawyers and hired the Pinkerton detective agency to begin an investigation of the model’s story. The private dicks reportedly went so far as to snatch poop-stained diapers out of garbage bins in order to conduct their own DNA testing.

Things got really bizarre last month when Ermakova filed a million-dollar paternity suit against Boris, demanding that he step up and take responsibility for his daughter. That’s when the bizarre tale of a Russian mafia plot emerged. Becker supposedly admitted to the closet tryst, but claimed it involved a quick blow job, during which the model must have collected his sperm and later used it to impregnate herself.

But conclusive DNA tests made public last week finally convinced Becker to admit the truth. “I acknowledge the fatherhood. I take responsibility and will provide for little Anna,” Becker said in a statement issued by his spokesman in Munich. “Whatever I can contribute so that Anna will have a future as a happy girl, I will do.”

Ermakova responded to the announcement with relief. “The last few months have been very difficult for Anna and I,” she said, “especially given some of the allegations made about me in the media.I look forward to beginning a more normal life with my daughter.”

His lust child isn’t the only secret Becker had been hiding. After a bitterly contested divorce last December from his wife Barbara Feltus, who reportedly won millions of dollars and the custody of their two sons, 33-year-old Becker quietly took up with 27-year-old rap singer Sabrina Setlur, once voted Germany’s “most erotic woman.”

But with a new spirit of complete disclosure, Boris also opened up on that, saying he’s relieved that the “hide-and-seek game” is over. “Our relationship is like a young plant that needs irrigation,” Becker recently told a German newspaper. “We are in love.”

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