Penelope Cruz’s Slimming Secret

Penelope Cruz's Slimming Secret

Famous film actresses are also gaining weight and losing weight. Another thing is how they do it and what they eat? For example, to get rid of extra kilos, Hollywood star Penelope Cruz virtually goes to vegetables and mineral water.

When the stunning Penelope realizes that it is time to get rid of extra pounds, she resorts to a salad diet.

Salad from fresh vegetables Penelope eats as many times a day as he wants. But in the diet menu, not only some vegetables – boiled chicken fillet is an addition to salads.

Important! No spices or salt, only olive oil and lemon juice.

By the way, this diet is very convenient for busy women. After all, you need to put a minimum of effort: no need to cook vegetables and fruits, and chicken breast is prepared quickly. It should be noted, and calorie diet – a minimum of calories and satiety you are guaranteed.

Edward Griffin

I am former Silicon Valley Technology executive and Washington, DC area entrepreneur, and holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Information Systems. Griffin has additional training in Law, History, and Nutrition has been a professional trainer, speaker, writer, and musician.

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