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Baluken: Military Operations Can End The Process

Baluken Military Operations Can End The Process

BDP Group Vice President Idris Baluken, İmralı Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the state during the negotiations between the military operations continue to criticize the harsh language, “These operations can waste the process, may end,” he said. Baluken said that Öcalan is currently working on draft texts, and that his final decision will be based on the AKP government’s stance.

The process, which started with negotiations with Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı, welcomed the Kurdish side cautiously but positively; The Turkish state’s largest cross-border air strikes in recent years have led to concerns over the continued military operations in many regions.


Speaking to ANF BDP Group Vice President Idris Baluken, expressing their concern for the operations, “Kandil, even while taking letters from our friends, air operations were carried out and as a result of this delayed contacts,” he said. Baluken, “These military operations are being done for the purpose of. Kandil operations carried out at a serious level, we received information about the long-term. The loss of life that may occur here can waste the whole process, carries risks that can end,” he said.

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s letter also mentioned that Baluk said, “Currently, Mr. offered by Ocalan, are the draft text. Both opinions will come from other areas as well as the AKP’s attitude as a result will make the final decision and the process will operate,” he said.

Ocalan will give Baluken pointed out that the military operations will take an important place in the decisions, he added: “Therefore, both the legal arrangements that will pave the way for democratic politics should now come to the agenda of the parliament and the legislative changes need to review and run a different process. Military operations must be stopped, “he said.

Baluken stated that there is a positive expectation for peace in the majority of the society and said, “We want the government and the state institutions to move away from any attempt to disrupt the process.”