Trump says he will ‘look forward’ to North Korea summit

President Trump said he will “look forward” to a second summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s fourth visit to the Hermit Kingdom to meet with the reclusive leader.

.@SecPompeo had a good meeting with Chairman Kim today in Pyongyang. Progress made on Singapore Summit Agreements! I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim again, in the near future,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Pompeo agreed to arrange a second summit “as soon as possible” between the two leaders and took more steps to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons, South Korean officials said Sunday.

“Secretary Pompeo said he and Chairman Kim concurred that they will hold the second U.S.-North Korea summit as soon as possible,” a spokesman for South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a statement. “The two sides also agreed to continue discussions to decide on the detailed timing and location of the second summit.”

Yoon Young-chan said Pompeo and Kim agreed to create a working group to further discuss the denuclearization process and another summit, which Kim raised in a letter to Trump last month.

But Pompeo, who arrived in South Korea after his fourth meeting with North Korean officials since taking over the State Department, was more cautious about his meeting, calling it “another step forward” to denuclearization and that he had a “good, productive conversation” with Kim.

After meeting with Kim for more than three hours with Kim in Seoul, Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang to brief National Security Adviser John Bolton and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on his trip.

Pompeo also met with Moon to update him on the efforts to kickstart negotiations over nuclear weapons that were agreed on during June’s summit in Singapore between Kim and Trump.

The talks have been bumpy.

After a meeting in July, Pompeo said the two sides made progress, but North Korean officials accused him of making “gangster-like” demands.

Trump then canceled a sitdown for August because of a lack of progress in the talks.

But Moon was optimistic that a breakthrough would happen.

“I dearly hope that your latest visit, as well as the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit, which I hope will be happening soon, will make an irreversible, decisive progress in terms of the denuclearization as well as the peace process,” Moon said, urging Pompeo to talk about his meeting with Kim without disclosing sensitive information.

Pompeo kept his cards close to his chest.

“As President Trump said, there are many steps along the way and we took one of them today,” Pompeo told Moon. “It was another step forward. So this is, I think, a good outcome for all of us.”

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