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Kate Middleton Disgraced The Whole Country

Kate Middleton Disgraced The Whole Country

Duchess Catherine Middleton’s cousin put her family out of sight. The journalists managed to find on the Internet a recording of a girl’s performance on which she dances a striptease to a mocking song about the Queen of Great Britain.

Kate’s reputation seemed almost flawless until it became clear that the girl had a cousin working as a stripper at one of London’s most popular clubs. Christina Darling is considered one of the most famous erotic dancers in England.

Her photos have appeared in magazines for adults more than once. Christine’s anti-patriotic speech quickly spread across the web. The very same girl, having learned that in some way became a relative of the queen, only laughed at it.

Recall that after the wedding of Kate and Prince William, journalists seriously sweated to find at least some dirty facts from the past of the duchess, but Kate herself turned out to be flawless. But her relatives are not so innocent.