Heidi Montag Wants To Reverse Her Plastic Surgery?

Heidi Montag Wants To Reverse Her Plastic Surgery

According to a recent discussion on Plastic Surgery Spot (a plastic surgery message board) Heidi Montag allegedly wants to undo some of her plastic surgery.

Now that Heidi and Spencer have broke up, there are several stories in the media that she is allegedly regretting some of the surgical enhancements she’s had done. According to a source featured in the UK Magazine Heat.

“She’s thinking about a plastic surgery make-under now that she’s separated from Spencer. He was the one who wanted her to get the work done. She knows she went too far, and she feels stupid.”

While the breast implants and cheek implants can be easily reversed by simply taking them out, unfortunately most of her other surgeries will be impossible to undo.

Edward Griffin

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