Found New Evidence of Water on Mars

Found New Evidence of Water on Mars

A Russian device installed on the Curiousity rover discovered a soil on Mars that contains water.

This was reported to journalists at the IKI (Space Research Institute) of the Russian Academy of Sciences during a press conference on the results of the DAN instrument (dynamic neutron albedo), which allows measuring the water content in the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

It is planned that the analysis of all data obtained from the scientific instruments of the rover, including the Russian DAN instrument (dynamic neutron albedo).

Will determine the evolutionary features of the Gale crater and find out whether the natural environment of this crater could be favorable for any form of extraterrestrial life.

According to D.Grotzinger, who arrived on Mars on July 6, 2019. the Curiosity $ 2.5 billion unit began to produce truly unique information.

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