A’s fan who went viral forgives Yankees fan who threw beer

The A’s fan who became a viral sensation after getting a beer thrown on him by a Yankees fan at Wednesday’s wild-card game is out to show the world the power of forgiveness.

John Spencer, a software engineer who lives in Brooklyn, met up with the beer thrower in New York on Thursday night, and it appeared as though the incident was all water – or beer – under the bridge.

The beer thrower, whose Instagram handle is criscrakk, posted a story on the social media site of his night out with Spencer, including the message, “Spread love that’s the Brooklyn way.”

The “Brooklyn way” apparently was in short supply Wednesday night, when after the Yankees salted away their wild-card victory over the A’s, Spencer was doused with what appeared to be a full beer.

The whole incident was captured on video and posted online, where a majority of viewers called the actions reprehensible – and worse – and harshly derided the offenders.

The A’s reached out on Twitter to find Spencer, who was in good spirits and seemed positive about the whole experience.

But positive is one thing. Hanging out and having drinks with the guy who made you infamous is another level of internet sainthood.

Maybe Spencer now can repair this rift between the Yankees and Red Sox, which seems to run pretty deep.