Tearful moment reporter live talk about her daughter’s death from drug overdose

Tearful moment reporter live talk about her daughter's death from drug overdose

Journalist Angela Kennecke made the brave decision to report on the death of her daughter in the hopes it would help save someone else’s life.

It’s common for someone working in the media industry to have to report on a tragic death.

It’s not so common for it to be the death of their own child.

But an investigative reporter from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, made the brave decision to talk about her daughter’s drug overdose live on air.

Angela Kennecke’s daughter, Emily Groth, was just 21 years old when she died of fentanyl poisoning in May.

Her family, who had only just learned of her opioid use, were devastated by her passing.

A news anchor for KELO-TV , Angela had been reporting on the opioid epidemic for several years.

But after the loss of her daughter, the situation became personal and she chose to open up about the difficult subject in attempt to end the stigma surrounding addiction and call for action regarding the crisis.

Speaking during the KELO-TV evening news bulletin, she said: “The opioid epidemic has hit home in a tragic and devastating way for me personally.

“The loss of a child, especially in a sudden and shocking way, has turned my world upside down.

“I never intended a member of my family to become part of the statistics you hear on the evening news. Nobody does.”

Angela went on to explain that there would be “no recovery” for her or her family over the loss of Emily, but she hoped she could “move forward” by turning her personal tragedy into a “catalyst for change”.

She added: “We must come up with better, more affordable ways to treat addiction, we also need to abolish the stigma that prevents many from seeking help, including my daughter.

“If 72,000 people were dying a year from any other cause we would be uniting to end the suffering of so many families, so many mothers.”

In an article published by CBS News Angela revealed more devastating details of her daughter’s story.

She said that she had only just become aware of her daughter’s substance abuse, when she got the dreaded call about the overdose.

“I got a frantic call from her dad, saying, ‘I think Emily’s OD’d. You need to get over here right now.’ I can’t even describe to you what it’s like to hear those words.

“I knew my daughter had a problem. On that day we were planning an intervention. I just didn’t know what it was she was using. And I think we just need so much more awareness.

We need so much more instead of judgment, compassion. And I’m trying to do what I can to make changes in my own community back home to get people the help that they need. And that’s all really I can do with this.”

Angela’s news report on Emily’s death has gone viral on social media , with thousands of people liking and sharing the post.

Many people have taken the time to share their support for the heartbroken mother.

One user on Twitter wrote: “This is a jaw-dropping level of courage on display here. I’m in awe.”

Another said: “You may just make a profound difference using your grief to end the stigma of addiction. I admire a great deal what you are doing.”

A third added: “This is nothing short of incredible. I marvel at your courage, and applaud how you’ve chosen to use your platform.

May you and your family be surrounded with strength and love in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Respect.”