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Incredible! A Liter of Gas Per 100 Kilometers

Incredible! A Liter of Gas Per 100 Kilometers

The fuel consumption of the “plug-in hybrid” Chevrolet Volt in urban mode will be slightly more than one liter per hundred kilometers, which is about four times less than that of the Toyota Prius. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation.

According to preliminary information, Chevrolet Volt’s official fuel economy indicators will be announced by General Motors Executive Director Fritz Henderson on Tuesday, August 11, during the exhibition of new cars at the concern’s technical center in Warren, Michigan, USA. It is expected that Henderson will call only fuel consumption in the combined cycle, which will be at the level of 2.35 liters per hundred kilometers.

Chevrolet Volt will be driven by an electric motor with a power of 150 horsepower, receiving energy from a set of lithium-ion batteries, which in the parking lot can be recharged from a conventional outlet. In motion, a 1.4-liter gasoline engine will be used to charge the batteries. Exclusively on electric Volt will be able to drive about 64 kilometers.

As previously reported, with a daily mileage of about 100 kilometers due to the high fuel efficiency, the owner of such a car can save up to 2,100 liters of gasoline per year. In addition, according to GM, when recharging a car from a household outlet of 220 volts per year, the hybrid will use no more electricity than a domestic refrigerator.

Sales of Chevrolet Volt in the United States will begin in November 2010. The cost of this hybrid will be about 40 thousand dollars.