Girl jailed after knife attack on his ex-boyfriend and new lover

Girl jailed after knife attack on his ex-boyfriend and new lover

A teenager who masterminded a shocking 2am knife attack on her ex-boyfriend and his new lover after discovering they were having a romance was jailed today.

Jealous college student Anna Dickinson, 18, recruited two friends to help her launch a savage assault on Tyrone Baines, also 18, in the dead of night after she learnt he was dating another girl.

After making threats to ‘’bang’’ and ‘’stab’’ his new girlfriend, Dickinson and her accomplices burst into 18-year old Mr Baines’ home in Lancaster whilst the couple were in bed together.

The three swarmed around Mr Baines and left him with three stab wounds to the back and a bite mark.

Dickinson and her best friend Kathryn Stanley, 18, then burst into his bedroom where the unnamed girl, 17, was lying in bed naked.

Stanley jumped on top of his girlfriend, punched her to the head and held her arms to stop her defending herself as Dickinson stabbed at her and tried to cut her hair off as a way of ”degrading” her.

The assault only ended when Stanley said: “I didn’t think you were going to stab her.”

Baines and his girlfriend later received stitches for the several serious lacerations and stab wounds but made a miraculous recovery.

In a statement the girl said she feared she would be killed and added: “Since the incident I have struggled with my anxiety and stress due to what happened when I was stabbed by Anna.

“I am so scared of them and I will go out of my way to never be see them again. I struggle day to day now to leave the house without somebody. What they did to me will stay with me for the rest of my life and I will always have the scars on my back.

“I have started counselling and I am trying to deal with how to trust people again in my life. I am scared and fearful of them. She was contacting my friends and calling me a liar and trying to intimidate me.”

At Preston Crown Court Dickinson, Stanley and Jordan Gardner, 18, all of Lancaster admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and unlawful wounding.

Dickinson and Stanley were locked up for 32 months in a young offenders institution and Gardner a close friend of Tyrone was detained for 21 months.

As sentences were passed fighting broke out between loved ones of the families.

The incident took place on February 19 after Tyrone split up with Dickinson following a four month fling and began dating the other girl.

Prosecutor Raymond Smith said: “Dickinson and the girl had been friends and known each other for some years.

But the friendship between the two of them deteriorated to the point Dickinson sent messages via social media threatening to “bang” and “stab” her. That day Dickinson had sent messages to Tyrone asking if his girlfriend was at home.

”Some time later Tyrone and his partner went to bed and fell asleep.

“Two hours later, Tyrone was woken up by Gardner shouting to be let in. Tyrone got out of bed partially dressed and went downstairs and heard Gardner trying to get in through the living room window.

“Tyrone opened the door and Gardner came into the house running upstairs, whilst Dickinson and Stanley also came into the house and came running upstairs.

“Dickinson was carrying a knife and Tyrone recognised it as being from the kitchen. In light of the previous threats Tyrone was scared for his girlfriend and he tried to hold the bedroom door shut.

“But Dickinson was stabbing at him trying to get around him. Tyrone was trying to reason with the two women. Tyrone was being stabbed many times by Dickinson. Eventually he failed to stop them gaining entry to the bedroom and witnessed the attack on his partner.

“By this stage Gardner was leaving and had left the house. Tyrone had sustained stab wounds to the neck and back and had cuts to the back and bruises to his neck where Dickinson had tried to bite him when she was trying to get past him.

“The female victim could see that Tyrone was struggling with the two women and she could see a knife in Dickinson’s hand.

“Stanley ran into the room and jumped on top of her and punched her to the head and body. She held her wrists making it difficult for her to defend herself.

“She remembers the blade of the knife being held to her throat and being stabbed on her arm by Dickinson. She then remembers Stanley shouting: “I didn’t think you were going to stab her.”

Tyrone had gone to get the two women out of the bedroom when the female noticed she was bleeding from many wounds.

In her statement she said she was frightened and thought she was going to be killed.

The girl suffered stab wounds to her arms neck and face plus wounds to her left upper back and chest.

Tyrone had wounds to his back and chest.

After the attack Dickinson called her mother requesting a lift and made a telephone call at 4am to tell a friend what she had done.

Mr Smith added: “Dickinson played a leading role in the group attack. It is aggravated by the location and time of the offence, this was in the victim’s bedroom when she was naked and asleep.”

Dickinson’s lawyer Amanda Hamilton said: “She is accepting of what happened and has deep regrets and hurt for the two people who suffered significant wounds.

“She was in a relationship with Tyrone, he was the man she loved and there was a desperate nature of the relationship, it was a difficult one. She wishes she didn’t attend Tyrone’s house in that night.

“She accepts she went to the house and took a weapon with her but she didn’t make threats to use the weapon. She wants to face up to and understand what happened that night. She wants the victims to know how truly sorry she is.

“She has done a lot of volunteer work with animals, she enjoys working with cats and dogs . She has an extremely supportive family.

“She doesn’t recall sending these messages and they have disappeared from social media, but as the prosecution witnesses are saying they received them, she accepts that. Since her arrest she has found a group of friends who support her.”

Robert Elias for Stanley, said: “She did not have a quarrel, she had not been scorned but she was holding Dickinson’s hand.

“She had no knowledge of her friend picking up the knife. This wasn’t premeditated, she didn’t knew it was going to happen.

“Once the momentum began she took part. She climbed by that young lady, struck her, then unknowing there was a knife she offered the responsibility and prospect of matters getting worse. She was horrified, she was shouting about the need for it to happen.

“Since the incident she has moved counties. She presents to be quite an intelligent young woman and is frustrated with herself for having got in this situation, she doesn’t blame Miss Dickinson, she thinks she should have seen through the anger before there was this confrontation.

“ She was there for other reasons, she wanted to show loyalty and to help her friend. She is wanting to make a go of things.”

Sentencing Judge Heather Lloyd said: “Tyrone Baines and the female victim began to get close and it was clear you did not like the fact they were together.

“It is clear from the messages you were threatening to stab his girlfriend and on that night that is precisely what you did.

“These offences are serious. There was a degree of premeditation. There are a number of aggravating factors including the degradation of your victim when you tried to cut off her hair.

“You all played your parts but it is clear you, Miss Dickinson, played a leading role. No matter how a relationship ended or how emotionally charged a situation is after a relationship falls foul, you would be foolish to take the law into your own hands.

“Any person should feel safe in their own home and their own bed and should not expect to be invaded by three people late at night.