Fifty Shades Of Grey To Be Adapted As Illustrated Children’s Book

Fifty Shades Of Grey To Be Adapted As Illustrated Children's Book

There has not been a book in recent memory that has caused as much of a stir as Fifty Shades of Grey has over the last three years. The erotic romance novels have been at the center of many censorship debates and have taken the world by storm due to their highly controversial subject matter and cult following.

The controversy surrounding the trilogy was reignited this week when it was announced that the serious would be adapted as an illustrated children’s book. The news was almost too bizarre to be believable, and had a lot of people wondering what the publisher is thinking.

“We believe that the children’s book niche is an untapped resource of revenue potential,” read a statement released by publisher, Vintage Books. “We have been looking to grow that section of the business for quite some time, but were never quite able to figure out a way to do it. Ultimately, what we decided was to try to expand into that market with a brand that people are already familiar with, even if they haven’t actually read the novels.”

Many parents are outraged over the news. “I don’t want to have to read that book as a bedtime story to my daughter,” explained Sandra Monroe, a mother of eight year old twin girls. “Fifty Shades of Grey is not a children’s book. I don’t even know why they allow the adult version should be printed.”

No one is quite sure at this point how much of the story will remain intact in the adaptation. However, it does not seem to be deterring the loyal fan base of the series. Amazon reported record numbers of preorders for the book, which is expected to be released just after the new year.

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