Brian Williams Exaggerated Size Of 2003 Bowel Movement

Brian Williams Exaggerated Size Of 2003 Bowel Movement

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is under fire again this week after reports surfaced that he may have embellished the size of a bowel movement he took in 2003.

This story is just the latest to question the credibility of the once beloved news anchor. NBC is expected to launch an investigation into the bowel movement this week.

The bowel movement in question took place during coverage of a scavenger hunt that Williams was covering for NBC at the time.

In recounting the story later on, Williams explained that he made it to the bathroom just in time before he dropped a three pound turd into toilet. He also claimed that the splash was equivalent to a fat kid doing a cannonball into a public pool.

However, someone in the stall next to him at the time claims that the event was not the emergency that Williams claims.

The source indicated that Williams leisurely hung around in the bathroom, checking himself in the mirror, before finally moving into a stall. He also said that the splash was nowhere close to a three pounder, but probably closer to one pound.

Brian Williams will be taking a leave of absence from the news desk until NBC completes their investigation.

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