Syria Can Use Chemical Weapons

Syria Can Use Chemical Weapons

Syrian Foreign Minister Jihad Makdissi said that Damascus does not exclude the possibility of using chemical weapons in the event of an external threat. The official made such a statement during a press conference on June, reports the Associated Press.

According to the minister, at the moment the stockpiles of chemical weapons are in a safe place, the arsenal can only be used when attacking from the outside.

Previously, a number of international observers did not rule out that government forces could use chemical weapons against rebel detachments if the country is in a critical situation for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

However, the head of state himself has repeatedly denied these statements, noting that he is not going to use weapons against “international terrorists” who continue to fight Damascus.

According to the official authorities, it is not the rebels who fight against the government troops, but the mercenary detachments that arrived from neighboring states.

These militants allegedly have close ties with the al-Qaeda terrorist group. On the eve, this information was indirectly confirmed: state-owned media published photographs of dead mercenaries, and their documents indicate that the dead are foreign nationals.

Political scientists also feared that chemical weapons could fall into the hands of the rebels, and in this case the arsenal could get abroad, for example, Lebanon, and be used against Israel. Thus, the issue of the safety of stocks of chemical weapons is one of the most important at the moment.

Chemical weapons have been stored in Syria for 40 years. At the moment, Damascus has a huge arsenal of sarin, herd.

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