Warriors vs. Rockets: Stephen Curry insists he has a knee injury, Steve Cole defends the slow start of the star

Warriors vs. Rockets: Stephen Curry

The Warriors did not have superstar Stephen Curry in the final 17 games of the regular season, and they sprained the MCL in the first six games of the playoffs.

His return shows the great moment of the second-seeded Warriors because he is clearly still one of the key components of the Warriors’ success.

However, Curry’s performance in the Western Conference Finals was not like himself.

In the Rockets’ second game, after the Warriors defeated the series, although the Warriors insisted that his knees were not an obstacle to him, problems with Curry’s knees had begun to surface.

“I feel good. I feel good,” Curry told “The Undefeated.” “It’s something that you can’t shake off because of how recent the injury was. But I’m out there. I feel great, and I’m not worried about anything with my knee. I keep saying the same thing. I feel good.”

Curry has always insisted that he recovered completely from injuries and that he is likely to be true.

For example, the average speed of Curry on Wednesday was 4.41 mph, ranking third on the NBA Stats page.

He also covered 2.5 miles, second only to Klay Thompson. Although he is in good health, he is not hindered.

The injury may have been a bite on his rust, or changed his shooting in some way, but after six games, this seems strange. In these six games, Curry shot only 36.2%.

In only two games, he looks like the old Steve Curry: In his first game (the second game against the cricket team), he scored 28 points, averaging +26 points per game, and the fifth against newcomers. New Orleans.

Steve Kerr dismisses as Curry’s point of view, he thinks he started slowly in this series because of injuries.

Against the Rockets, Curry shot 15.4% from the field – including 1 of 8 shots in the second game – averaging 17 points.

When Kerr was asked how much money was due to Curry’s knee, the Warriors’ coach was very branded.

Kerr: “His [Curry’s] lingering injury — how much is it responsible for …?”

Reporter: “Some of his play tonight.”

Kerr: “Uhh … 13.7 percent. Sorry.”

For the record, Kerr does not mean that Curry’s 13.7% missed the shot because of his knee. This is how he responds to questions he believes are not worth answering.

Curry’s defensive deficiencies have made him the last major player in the team – especially because he often shares with tenacious defenses by Craig Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala – not to mention Kevin Durant.

Special height. Curry knew that he would be attacked in this series. When he was asked about how often to go out, he would answer “surprise, surprise” and “unbeaten.” However, assessing Curry’s defense is tricky because he is faced with a mountain of Rockets like a shooter.

Some of Curry’s problems may have been due to the great expectations of fans in the Warriors’ last-minute finals.

Others may be because he is currently in a less exciting system, so we did not notice that he did a good job.

Curry did not take crazy shots and he felt like a warm-up in every game and shot on the court.

He continued to face defense and Durant undertook a lot of offensive burdens.

It can be seen that the curry is woven through the screen and the defensive position. He is not the pitcher who used to be the ruler of the ball.

Whether it’s knees, rust or cold, Curry can explode at any time. However, as we saw in the second game, it was better for the Warriors than later because the Rockets came.