President Trump accuses Democrats for laws that force immigration agents to break into families

President Trump accuses Democrats

President Donald Trump is the Democrats for immigration laws that force fundamental immigration agents to break up families in a roundtable to discuss California state-run college policies.

“I know what you’re going through right now, but families are very tough, but these are the bad laws the Democrats gave us,” said Trump said during the meeting with California officials.

Earlier in May, CNN announced a new Department of Homeland Security Policy that would be a potential result of the separation of families in the border.

“We have to break families,” Trump said on Wednesday. “The Democrats gave us the law, it’s a terrible thing, we have to break families.” Democrats gave us the law and they did not want to do anything about it. ”

The policy that was adjusted by DHS would not apply to asylum seekers coming to an official port of entry to the US. It. Without paperwork – those individuals would only be put into immigration proceedings.

But by referring immigrants caught illegally across for criminal charges, the stroke of adults coming across the border with children will be separated from those children as they expect their criminal proceedings.

DHS has come under difficult criticism of lawyers for allegedly separating families in the border as a measure of measure and was supported by a Congolese woman who seeks Aylum that was separated from her young daughter for months, until DNA testing in the court trial confirmed her Relationship.

Also in the Roundtable Tuesday, Trump was called members of MS-13 and other undocumented immigrants who were deported for committing crimes “Animals.”

“We have people coming into the country or trying to come in – we have stopped a lot of them – but we take people from the country, you would not believe how bad the people are,” Trump said.

“These are not people, these are animals, and we bring them out of the country at a level, at a rate, that’s never happened before and because of the weak rules, they come in fast, we get ’em, we report ‘We get it again, we’re out there, it’s crazy.’