Jack Osbourne and Lisa confirm divorce

Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa

The Blast said that Jack Osbourne’s wife, Lisa Osbourne, filed a divorce on Friday. The couple got married in 2012 and shared three daughters.

In February, Jack and Lisa welcomed their youngest son, Minios Dora Osbourne. They are also parents of 5-year-old Pearl Clementine and 2-year-old Andy Rose.

Jack later published his statement with Lisa on Instagram, wrote: “Hello! So the news about our separation may shock everyone.

But we just want to clear the air and share what happened with you. So, first of all, we absolutely love each other.

Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we do our best to complete this work for many years.

Now the best for our family is that we are affectionately divided and still Is the best friend dedicated to raising children together.

“We have a wonderful couple for seven years and are full of the best moments. We will always be grateful to each other,” the statement continued.

“We also have 3 wonderful children and we cherish more than anything. We are disappointed but confident that we will continue to develop our relationship as a common parent and best friend. A lot of love Jack and Lisa.”

“Lisa is currently redecorating the entire house. We are repainting the kitchen, cabinets, replacing all the hardware.

She now hates all the carpets in our home, so we are replacing all the carpets. It’s like ‘please stop’,” he explained Say. “I can’t say ‘No, we don’t do it’ because it gets nervous. If I just smile and nod, I’ll go surfing!”